The OMbrella Story

The OMbrella story (or how the tie-dye umbrella idea was born):

People often ask me how I came up with the idea for a tie-dye umbrella, while noting what a fun, popular product it has become.

I was walking with friends through Eugene’s Saturday Market on a typical Eugene autumn day in late September, 2008. The autumn rains had come early that year and soft showers fell intermittently that day, between bursts of sunshine. It was also game day, the first Ducks game of the season and many of the fine folk of Eugene, who love their Ducks, were dressed in yellow and green – the University of Oregon’s team colors. Many people too were carrying umbrellas of varying styles and designs. A rainbow had appeared overhead. The thought suddenly occurred to me that here I was in the tie-dye capital of the world, where it rains pretty steadily 8 months out of the year, and I had never, in almost 20 years of living in the Northwest, seen a tie-dye umbrella.

After engaging in some on the spot market research, I decided to pursue the idea of producing  tie-dye and other uniquely designed umbrellas for the college sports (and other markets) for no other reason than I thought it was a fun idea, no one else was doing it, and there is an enormous market for umbrellas world-wide.

I hope you enjoy your OMbrella! No doubt it will cheer you and those around you on the wet, grey days of winter; and provide an even more festive festival season in the summer!

And finally, feel free to email me photo images of you and your friends sporting an OMbrella. They will be posted on the site with your consent. You can also send me poems, stories, essays of experience with rain (and/or umbrellas) for the blog.

At Peace with the Elements,
Kate, founder of The OMbrella